Saturday, July 29, 2006

Well, after riding this morning and Simon didn't kill me, I decided to go to the show tomorrow. I hope it doesn't rain. There are few things worse than showing in the rain...maybe getting stabbed in the eye with a rusty spoon, but still, rain-showing sucks.
So I'm traumatized for life after reading that Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter) will be starring in a play in London called "Equis" in which he plays a teen in therapy after he blinds a stable of horses because he felt they were watching him attempt to get it on with some chick. In the play his character also has to re-live the moment of his first sexual experiance which occured while he was on a horse... while fully naked on-stage.... Did you hear that sound? That was my brain turning into mud. I can't think about this; I'm utterly disturbed!
On a completly un-related topic, Kate and Mer came over last night, saw "Mallrats", laughed muchly, went hot tubbing/pool-ing, and slept on my very lumpy, springy mattress downstairs. Lots of fun was had by all! I hope they're not too tired at work.
Well I'll report on how the show goes tomorrow...he'de better be good!

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