Friday, July 28, 2006

Well, it's another rip-roarin' day in the warden household...not working today and thus v. board. In other news my first actual commissioned costume (Mer's ren. fest outfit) is basically done! Yay me! The funds will be going towards a fabulous new Sailor Venus costume I'm hopefully buying from a girl who due to "circumstances unforseen" (cough, cough, PREGNANT, cough) she can't wear! Horray for skanky girls selling their costumes for tres cheap! I just finished buying three, count 'em, three new wigs for CN/Halloween/upcoming con season: a Kabuki wig; a looong, wavy, bright henna red Poison Ivy/Obligatory Winged Girly Costume; and a long blond Sailor Venus wig...I'm hoping to have Venus in time for CN but I don't know...I love the store so very much.
It looks like after a short but depressing hiatis, the monday wasaga beach trip is back on. Yay!
I think I'm going to go and make a waist cincher now. Why? Because I can!!

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