Sunday, August 06, 2006

Adventures of Tiffany in T.O.

So I attempted to see the Caribana parade with Katie, Jen, and Laura this weekend, but found out too late that it cost $21 to walk through the gate to get close to the parade! Funny, I thought parades were fun, community events that were FREE! Oh well. Ended up going for Japanese food at New Gen. and met up with Mike and saw his newly blond-ified jaunty hair. Sure. Now he dyes his hair...really nice, Mike. Today (Sunday) was highly enjoyable too; Kate and I went to Mel's and much pork products were consumed on my behalf. Then we went to Beguiling Comics to "look" and walked out with about 7 comics between us, including the absoloutly FILTHY Level C #6. I needed an eye-washing station after I put that one down! However, I am excited about this whole new Marvel "Civil War" arc that's out now. For those not in the know it involves every Marvel character deciding on whether they like or dislike a new law saying all "Supers" must be registered and their secret identities known. I've only read the teaser newspaper thingy they've put together, but I got the first actual issue today and shall read it with reckless abandon. In fact, I'm going to do that now.
OMG, 15 days 'till I'm in Disneyworld! YAYYYYY!!
P.S., today's dream made even me wake up and go "....huh." Check it out in the Diary!

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if you don't mind, i'm going to go into your code and fix rolly mcdougal so that he fits in the sidebar properly, okay?
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