Wednesday, August 30, 2006

back in canada...boourns

Well, vacation was fun. It's kind of hard to go wrong with Disney! I got a mild tan, and lots of souveners, so all the important things are covered! Ohh, it's my last circus class tonight . The last time I get to see all my girls (I call them girls, but they're all older than I am) and play around with no goal in mind. I think I can come down to T.O early, like on Thursday night, so Kate, if you're reading this don't be surprised if I just show up around dinner time. Yay CN! Finally! Has anyone else been craving a con since, like, the week after Anime North? I know I have. I think my Kabuki cosplay is finally done, rudimentary stiching on the straps and all. I hope David Mack approves. I had a thought yesterday...Because of all the hullabaloo concerning friday, I don't know if Mer's going to be able to do the dragon tatoo for Sat. So, I don't know for sure if he's going to be at the con, but it would be awesome if that artist guy (Andy Lee?) could DRAW it on me at the con...wouldn't that be sooo cool? Just a thought I had in the shower, of all places. And now, I go to clean my room and other exciting activities.

Posted by T.W // 8:58 AM

Please send a photo of you Kabuki cosplay to

It can be posted on the site if you do.
You can send via the e-mail:

Say hi to Brian Bendis at the con!
Ask him to take a photo of you in the Kabuki cosplay!
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