Tuesday, August 01, 2006

painting+no air conditioning= death

So for the next two weeks I'm officially stationed in Uxbridge painting the entirety of a house with no air conditioning. This does not for a happy Tiffany make. The job itself is fine, but it sucks that it had to start on the hottest day of the freakin' year! In other news, I went to the beach with Katie and her mom and trevor, and had a jolly ol' time! Ice cream was had, floaty things bought, and tans were improved so now I'm not quite as pasty as I was two days ago. I'm hoping that a further trip to wonderland this weekend might be in the works, but more will have to be talked about about that...Mer, Kate...I'm looking at you...
Oh, another entery into the dream diary; Mayfield was for some reason a level in Super Mario 64 where the level has water that raises and lowers based on switches strategically placed. I had to outwit bad people and write a math test at the same time as saving the school be finding the switch to lower the water level. It was very stressful.

Posted by T.W // 7:01 PM

how about caribana this weekend?
here it is 105 F, 39 C.


and i want to go to wonderland....
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