Wednesday, September 20, 2006

an eventful talk like a pirate day

So everyone survived Katie's yearly talk like a pirate day-party. She thought it was going to be really dull since she felt sick and at first only Mike and I were going to come...but then Mer was there when I showed up and then another girl Kate knew in her first year showed up and finally Mike came in full jaunty pirate gear and we had ourselves a rip-roarin' good time. Kate found this recipe for "Pirate Tea" which should have been called "Sea-sick Pirate's bowel-movement" because that's what it looked like. I was not bad though. I know because I took the tinyest sip, as I do when cornered and forced to try alcohol. I think all my friends (and even people I don't know)as soon as they find out just how pathetically straight i am try to force liquor down my throat. And by force I mean coerce. Ahh well, I don't really mind, I just hate to squash their hopes of having the bragging rites to being the first person to get Tiffany drunk. A good time was had by all, (except by Mer the next morning, she got a parking ticket.)much rum was consumed (by others) and many "Pirates" quotes were uttered along with the movie as it played. I don't think the people at Future Bakery knew what to think of us as we went out for cake and cosmos at 1am. And sushi at 2 in the morning...? crazy-talk. But we did it anyway. Arr, Matey, a fine pirate-talkin' day was had by all!

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