Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mr.Bale spotted! and cheerleading incident

So today, I, like Katie, spotted Christian Bale, the Holy Grail of film fest celebs (at least I think so because Brad Pitt is too damn busy knocking up Angelina and saving the world one overly-political movie at a time). I was getting a course reader on Bloor and went to open my umbrella and who should I proceed to hit in the shoulder...? Christian Bale. Significantly less bulkey than post Batman, but Christian Bale none the less. I did a double take, he gave me the most wonderful smirk and we continued walking. My day was made.
Later, I went to those cheerleading tryouts I have been getting so much flak for considering and what happens to me? To the girl who's hobbies include dealing with a scitzophrenic horse and hanging 20 feet in the air on a hoop with no mat?
I get toothed.
That's right, as me and another girl went to catch the "flyer" she collapses and bends at the waist, thus putting her front tooth directly INTO my chin. It's still bleeding. I look like I had a go with Hannibal Lector. Figures. And I managed to lose a 6'2" blond boy after practice..I guess he had to get home for work tomorrow...very strange.

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