Friday, September 15, 2006

spotted! Cillian Murphey burned out my retinas

Ok, so I was walking to kate's place and had to pick Jen and Kate up some dinner (don't ask, I'm nice like that) and I see this guy, around 5'9" walking towards me flanked by a big black man and a scrawny white chick. He stops talking to the chick as we pass and, I think because my shoes make a lot of noise when I walk in them, looks at me.
It's Cillian Murphey.
His eyes are the color of liquid nitrogen and ice. They're blue-er than Houses'and Superman's. They're Lestat-blue and they're not even contacts. I could never act with him because I would be blinded all the time. He looked a bit underweight, but not as hung-over as I thought he might have looked. Needless to say, I was happy I decided to pick up food for my two hostesses that night.
Also, I saw the finale of "Supernatural" and while it spawned scary dreams (see side-bar) it was very good, and I still think Dean is possessed.
I hung my 2 new posters tday and signed up for Capoeria with Katie today. I hope it is money well spent. I know a few people who took it through the AC and loved it and I took a workshop in it in 1st year and it was fun. Oh, and if the circus school doesn't get back to me this weekend, I'm going to scream.

Posted by T.W // 10:53 AM

re: dream diary:

yeah, i love to save people in my imaginary dream-mobile. one of these days, i'll actually learn to drive, but for now, you're on your own.

are you in the t dot? call me.
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