Monday, October 30, 2006

the continuing adventures of Halloween!

yay! I LOVE Halloween!!! It's clearly the best holiday EVER!! So this year's extravaganza started with a ghost walk that I went on with Katie. It was fun, I learned that Yorkville used to be a mass burial ground, and that Queen's Park used to be an insane asylum. It makes sense when you think about it. You'de have to be crazy to get into politics.. Hah, hah, get it...ha...right, well, yeah, the tour was fun! Then came my personal fave. event: The Annesley Halloween party! This year's edition was pretty good. My Poison Ivy costume was over the top, ever so green, and fabulous. The music was really well mixed, esp. at the beginning. I was annoyed with the costume contest because it turned out to be a who-can-dance-like-the-biggest-skank-contest, that actually had very little to do with the costumes. Boo-urns. The boarquespragh (sp.?) at Mc D's after at 1 in the morning was a nice way to finish the evening.
I went home over the weekend and carved pumpkins. This year had an "emotion" theme and my parents picked "embarrased" and "confused". Have you ever tried to make a pumpkin look embarrased? I ended up doing an anime girl complete with cat-ears and a sweat-drop for embarrased, and a very cute version of the face people make when they go "Whaaaa??" for the confused pumpkin. I wish i had taken a picture... they were cute! So, looking forward to Kate's scary-movie night on Tuesday, and I think Mike and I are going to the Funhaus for their Halloween dance/party thingy later on...any takers?

Posted by T.W // 6:17 AM

i think it's spelt "baurquespraigh".
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