Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So, I was surfing the cosplay forums a few days ago and I stumbled across what may be the cosplay equivilant to a 6/49 win...An amazing, accurate, professionally made Shiva wig from final fantasy x on sale because the girl who made it is moving to a closet in Korea, all for the remarkable price of $50 bucks. Now any cosplayer knows that this wig should sell for closer to 3-400 dollars. Honestly, I checked at Katie Bair's Petting Zoo (a famous cosplay wig supply site) and she wanted around 350 US for it. Kate, if you read this I would love you forever if your credit card allowed me to uy this wig because with it on, I would be oh, so cool! Anyone interested in seeing this little beauty,and by little I mean 30 pounds, google Mistycat + Shiva wig and you should get the proper link.

Posted by T.W // 11:15 AM

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