Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tiff's birthday week extravaganza!!

Wow, I haven't posted for a while, have I? Well, I officially became legal n all nations o the 27th, as many people know. I saw the chilli peppers the dy before, and they were awesome!!!! I was really impressed with how they played as a band. I knew they had cachy songs, but they could actually play them too, which was nice. So many bands today walk the walk, but ask them to play and it sounds like a cat trying to claw its way up a hippo's ass. Or Britney Spears...whichever you find worse. So the next day I went to Benihana's, the Japanese tepenyaki resteraunt in the Royal York. I had Kobe beef and loved every bite. It literally melted. That was some magic cow. I was surprised by my grandma and given a ring which had been my great grandma's.It's 2 diamonds and 1 sapphire and it's so sparkly it hurts my eyes. I'm not alowed to keep it at school, so I'll have to do smething cool so I can wear it out. On Thursday I went to PJ's Pets with Kate and Jen and got my present from them: A lovely new addition to my room; a black, turquose, and blue bundle of evil betta whom I have named Lestat, keeping with the theame of naming my fish after evil, pretty boys. They make quite a pair, Lucius and Lestat. It's like they forget about each other and them when they do see one another they both freak out and blow up as good bettas should. Over the weekend, I saw Don Juan at Stratford, with Colm Feore as the Don in question. I thought the acting was very good, the costumes, interestng and opulant as they sould be (Including one floor-length red and gold chinese brocade over- coat which I figure had around $900-1000 worth of material alone. Impressive, but made all the more awesome in that it was worn over...leather pants!), but the staging of the thing was all wrong, in my humble opinion. It was very stark, with only a few props and sound effects to tell, say, Don Juan's bedroom apart from a cave. I didn't find it worked very well, but I did enjoy a dance they threw in near the end as Don Juan literally dances himself to death after being seduced by a ghost. And by ghost I mean a female dancer in a catsuit. I didn't know Colm Feore could even dance, although I should have guessed that he could since he moves in a very dance-like way when he performs. I can still remember being 9 years old and seeing A Midsummer's Night's Dream with him as Oberon and thinking he was the sexiest thing to ever escape the womb. Keep in mind, here, I was 9. But I digress, The play was very good (mostly) and the day was made all the better due to the fact that my mom and I found a really cool store seling "unique apparal for women and men" At first I thought it was a fetish store, but they actually had a lot of renaissance-y type stuff and very cool cloks and whatnot. My om bought me a hair pin with a vale and gloves with feather trim. Very 1920's. V. cool. So that's been my life thus far. Now I must contact Kate and have her help me with Japanese and watch the Supernatural premere because I missed it on friday.

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