Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well, not really a whole lot has happened in the last week or so...I didn't get that wig from e bay. V. Bummed out over that one. I was planning a really cool cosplay but some shmuck with a super-fast connection blew my little-old-man-powered dial-up out of the water. Sigh. I feel bad about missing mer's triumphant return to T.O. last night. Sorry Mer!! Very muchly looking forward to Halloween. Poison Ivy shall be ever so cool, and Mike's Jedi outfit is almost done and I tried it on last night and flounced about Annesley. Everyone thought I was bonkers. As they should. I'm also really looking forward to this friday when The Prestige (spelling?) finally comes out. There's so much pretty in that movie I think I'm going to have a brain hemmorage half way through. I wonder what previews they'll show at the beginning.
hmmm, what else...Oh, I dropped Japanese grammer because it was sucking out my soul, but most people who read this thing already know that...I picked up a class on Hindu ritual which should be prooty cool. I think that's about everything of note..back to the adventures of Rama and the flying really, that's what one of me readings is about. I love being an artsy.

Posted by T.W // 9:55 AM

you left me all alone!! The midterm was evil, so you made the right decision, But now i don;t have anyone to poke me to stay awake.
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