Friday, November 03, 2006

Ma Dreamail....ok, just a cool dream.

I think this merits a special place of its own in the blog, not just in the dreambar: I had a dream that I went to Square One mall with the one and only ..Gackt. Yes, the porcelain-skinned, ever-so-jaunty J-pop idol made an appearance over in the wild Northlands of Mississauga only to go shopping at Parasuco with yours truely. It was fun. we chatted, we bonded, then I woke up, found myself in Kate's apartment, remembered the creepy episode of Supernatural that had just been on, and freaked myself out. I don't think the rest of the night's dreeams were as fun as my hangin' out with Gackt dream, but they weren't bad either.
Oh, and Halloween proper was fun, went to Kates, watched What Lies Beneath, unfortunatly did not go to halloween party at the Fubhaus as planned because poor Mike was sniffling like no tomorrow. We had lattes instead. I have photographic proof that Anakin Skywalker enjoys a double double. Wow, this post really sounds like Katie wrote it, doesn't it. !

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