Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ok, so I'm sure that Kate and Nikki have already blogged about this but here we go again anyway!: Bond Rules! I don't even really like the Bond movies, but Casino Royale was the best one that I've seen, and Daniel Craig makes one hellufa scary/pretty/macho/psycho Bond! It had it all, eye-candy for the guys (Eva Green) , for the girls (naked Bond!, and his scary/awesome blue eyes) and stuff blowing up for everyone, 'cuse who doesn't love stuff blowing up?
On a much more somber note, I found out that my great aunt Peg died on Thursday. I'm not in shambles or anything, she's been sick for a while now, it's just that the family knew she was back in the hospital and I don't think anyone did anything for her. Not even some stinking flowers. I feel so bad for her; she just...died. The memorial is this Monday and I'm going to that, but it feels like the proper gesture a bit after the fact. Maybe the real issue is that I'm horrified that such a thing may happen to me when I'm old and decreped and (likely) senile. I hope I at least get some crappy lillies of something before I kick it. Sigh. I don't mean to depress anyone, it's just that death sucks. I wish I was a vampire.
I should get back to my stupid Hinduism essay. I have...the title. Yup, def. need to work on that.
P.s. check the dream log and go "whaaa?!"

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