Tuesday, November 14, 2006

oops...I forgot to update the dream log...and now I forget what dream was such a doozy. Sigh. Oh well, I'll put up another drea I guess.
I got extra brownie points today because I saved a random woman from sitting in a clear, but stil very sticky puddle of misc. goo on a subway station bench. It would have made quite the mess of her nice parka. Yay for me.
Watched 'Heroes' and played DOA with Kate last night and discovered that I have mad button-mashing skills at that game. Poor kate can actually do combos and stuff but for some reason, whenever a hard character needed to be beaten to a pulp, it was (usually) my button-mashing that got us through. I am officially every gamer's worst nightmare.
Well, I should go, I have capoeria practice now. I just got back from circus too...I'm a'so tired.

Posted by T.W // 9:45 AM

dan gay? i dunno 'bout that - what makes you think so?

i sat next to the mofo everyday for 4 years and my gaydar never went off... (except when jay d'aguilar sat in his lap, but he did that with everyone)

huh. now that i think about it...

(actually, i think he was more of a manwhore.)
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