Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So here's my results from Kate's nutty survey...I'de be in Heaven. I'm more good then I like to admit, I guess. I would have settled for Beatlejuice's waiting room or being reincarnated as myself, but I'll take heaven too. At least I'm not some smarmy, shloopy gaurdian angel...I would suck at that, namely because i would try to corrupt my person. Ha, they'de likly deserve it.

Posted by T.W // 8:30 AM

dude - now i wanna be a guardian angel so i can unleash some bitchin' corruption on the the world (and that's exactly why i'll never get to be one).

re: german blog - how did you stumble across that one? and what makes you think she talks like moi? ('cause i'm not seeing it)
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