Monday, November 06, 2006

Well, back in T.O after a surprisingly nice weekend with the parental people. Went for dinner on Fri. night, after I broke every muscle in my butt doing capeoira with Kate. On Sat. I went riding and Simon didn't kill me, always a good thing, and then we went to the Royal Winter Fair, which was fun. I saw pigs and horses and bunnies and llama glama glamas. And Alpacas, which are like smaller, cuter llamas. The Horse show was good; Mark Grinier (Sp.?) won, which is kinda cool because we've had horses of his board at my barn before. On Sun. we went to the Olde Hyde House to buy my mom her christmas present; a black (!) 3/4 leather coat on sale for a reasonable price. It's a nice coat, to be sure, but nothing compaired to the flaired, shearling coat with Finnish racoon trim on the sleeves and all down the front. I say, the more pesky animals one's coat is made of, the better, and these weren't just ordinary racoons, they were foreign! 'Twas a very nice coat, with a very nice price tag.
Two bad things happened all weekend: One, Bailey, aka, the stupidest canine on the planet, stole the $20 steak off the counter when we were prepairing dinner and proceeded to attempt to gulp it down before my dad caught her and pried her mouth open. The steak was ruined and we were all very angery for a while. The other bad thing was that Metropass karma came back to bite me. Last month I found a Metropass on the street and gave it to Kate instead of turning it in. She used it a lot and enjoyed doing so, so I thought I had done a good thing. Apparently not, since I have now lost MY Nov. metropass, and have had to buy a new one. For the full $100. Sigh. I hate karma sometimes.
To end on a good note, I got another check-for-no-reason from the government, apparently to help with the rising cost of electricity. Heh,heh, I love beating the system!

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