Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wow, it's been a while. Not, like, a Meredeth while, but a while just the same. I.Hate.Exam week. The very thought of this week continuing for 3 more days makes my skin crawl. And I have a scary meeting with the owner of the circus school concerning "my future" on friday. Eeep! I'm sick of the Ramayana, sick of Buddhism, sick of religiou anthropology and its hoity-toity fancy-pants terminology. I'm just tired. I wanted to make a hair appointment for this friday, but with circus and finishing Hindu- final essay #3 (3!!) I doubt I'll have time. At least capoeria will be fun on Thursday. Oh, and somewhere I would like to, ya know, see this boyfriend of mine that I think still exists, although I'm not sure because we never actually see each other any more. He's almost as busy as me (almost.)I'm taking a break now and than I have to study for my last actual test, which is tomorrow. It had better not suck.

Posted by T.W // 2:18 PM

let me tell you, i love how exams bring out the bitter in all of us (me=also bitter, and extremely sleep-deprived).

buena suerte.
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