Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Gods are smiling upon me, dear friends. I just read that my darling Ben Whishaw, the pretty actor who played the ever-so-disturbing lead in "Purfume" to perfection is even more enticing.
He has a twin brother.
As I have always said; one pretty boy is good, but two pretty boys is better. If both pretty boys look identical, well then, break open the champagne 'cuse we've got a party! Ah, I'm a sick bastard, I know, but honestly, if guys can go all gaga about twins, why can't I?
On a totally unrelated note, still haven't heard from Decker. This ominous "call me" e mail is making me nervous. He'de better call soon.

Posted by T.W // 8:09 AM

now that's just disturbing. really, really disturbing.

oh, and i think you should tell decker to go have a camel take a crap in his face.
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