Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm going to hell

So I had an interesting morning today. I woke up early, bought my metropass, got a paper, went to breakfast; same old same old. As I was looking through the I.D. section I noticed a picture of a rather pretty and highly entertaining young man posing with a horse. "Oh, is Cavallia coming back?" I asked myself. "because if that guy's in it, I'll definatly see it again! Heh heh heh." Then I had a second look. And a third. And then I decided that I'm officially going to that circle of hell where they keep the creepy old ladies who pray on the pretty young things that hang out at clubs and the like. What I saw was this:

The hot guy in the picture was HARRY POTTER! It was Daniel Radcliffe, promoting his new play, Equis. This is wrong on so many levels. I squicked myself so badly that I had to stop eating. I'm a terrible person. At least there's a new episode of House on tonight, because House is a worse person than I'll ever be, and hence, makes me feel better.

Posted by T.W // 11:11 AM

tiff, check {this} out. you have to. it was made for you.

and before you go and blame me, i found it in imdb, dude. blame them.
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