Monday, January 15, 2007's been soooo long since I posted last! I'm sorry blog, don't forsake me!! I wonder if people are even checking to see if I'm aive anymore? Well, lots has happened since the last time I posted. Christmas came and went and many cool presents were had, including a coffee maker that I still have to bring into T.O.
Mer, Kate and I went to Ohayocon and had a blast. Kate was queen of the panels, Mer was queen of the highway and I bought a black vinyl....pig. Hah! bet you thought I was going to say I bought something dirty didn't you! Well, I didn't. My piggy's name is Roland, although he came with the name "Monokuro Boo" which is kinda a mouthfull, so I changed it. He now sits on my desk next to Squishy McPhee and Jean Pierre.
Also, he looks smashing in a bowler hat.
I'm excited for Anime North because Mer and I are trading off on each other's talents and doing a joint Clover cosplay...and Mike will likly be wrangled into joining us as the token male. Kate's a poo-face, because she won't play and be the singer girl with the crimpy black hair. I thought for sure she'de want to wear that cool lounge dress, but apprently not. I would say "poo in her eye" but due to an unfortunate viewing at Ohayocon, I have forsaken that saying and need to think of something to replace it. Oh Tubgirl, why did you have to ruin my life/burn my retinas out? Stupid pervy fanboys...

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