Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hmm, well I stumbled upon a thought-provoking (and im my case, idea-affirming)thread out in the middle of cyber-town. It's on whether random people think the whole kids-and-marriage thing is worth even attempting. I particuarily enjoy the scathing commentary made by one fellow (or lady...) who basically says we've all been brainwashed into thinking that having little Johnny is the "most fufilling thing we can do," even though knocking boots and popping babies is something the most lowly, plebian people have been able to do since the dawn of time. I especially enjoyed this:

And ya know what? It's true. I bet that every time you see some mammoth family where the wife's always pregnant and dad's walking ahead of everyone as if he's leading a parade, one of the parents is thinking exactly what that cartoon pokes fun at. And as far as that last panel, I'm getting really tired of the occasional person looking at me like I'm some piece of scum just because I've decided that I don't, in fact, want to balloon to massive portortions, give up my circus/riding/gymnastic/capoeria/anything else requiring legs career so I can become one of the millions of non-descript, stroller-pushing, baby-chinging atomotons who forgot about the person they cultivated in their college years, and who now cater solely to their children/husbands while they themselves morph into a hard-lookin', hair-cut needing, sorry excuse for a modern woman.
Ahh, that feels better. I wonder when Decker's going to let me know about training this week?
Oh, and for anyone whose interested, here's the link to the page that started this whole rant. www.tfpproject.org/tfp/showthread.php?t=111829

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