Monday, February 26, 2007

Horray for Jen! She has valiantly, courageously, and fantastically given me the ticket Kate gave to her to see the preview screening of 300 tonight! YAY!!!! DUDITY!!! Mike is going to kill me, but I'll see it again with him opening day, who am I kidding? It looks so awesome, so excited....
My crazy-face Betta, Jean Baptiste has been careening around his vase a lot lately. He's wreaking his lovely tail in the process...Maybe I'll move him into that bigger vase I use to clean their water...
I hate my lips. They exploded again last night. I have no idea why, although there is this lip-goo I statred using again that I know I used at least two of the last three times this had happened. I'm going to the dctor today after my 2:00 class. Stupid lips. I look like a duck. A duck with a big zit. Scratch that last comment, then:I hate my face.

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