Friday, February 16, 2007

I am a'so tired. Today was Tiffany's Hell day. Nearly 2 hours of Caporeia then directly into an hour of Wu Shu, both with Kate, then I had to boot it to Circus to train with another girl on hoop. We played Add-on. For 2 hours. So tired. THEN, I grabed take-out, flew to the UTARPA meeting with Kate (again) and watched some reletivly quality anime for an hour or two. Not a bad day, just a busy one.
Oh, and my mother drove the car off the road. She's fine, but it's funny because I warned my dad to be careful what he wished for whenever he cursed that car and it's old-ness. It might cost so much to fix it would be cheaper to get a new one. I guess we'll see.

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