Thursday, February 08, 2007

I start circus training today! Yay! I'm going to ask if there's a video of the routine I'm supposed to be learning, so I can watch it on my own time. I finished Mer's Clover over-coat, next up, the corset thingy...
On a totally unrelated note, I came to the realization that I view school very differently than many of my friends. They intend to go on and use their learning to eventually succeed in some graduate program or high-paying job (damn you accounting majors!) whereas I see school more as an interesting excuse for me to live in the city, where I can pursue all the things I REALLY want to do. I enjoy school, I really do, but I just don't see any of my specialists or minors serving any purpose later in life. I don't want to teach, I may go abroad and do the Japan thing, but that would only be for a year, maybe 2, then all that knowledge will gradually slip out of my head and I won't even realize. Ah well, this is how I sort of always saw the whole university thing; do what you have to to pass respectibly, but DO as many other things as you can because once you leave, it's all drywall and paychecks. (well, maybe hanging from stuff and's hopeing.) Yeah, so that's my realization. Time to go hem stuff!

Posted by T.W // 11:06 AM

dude, i can't help it. grad school is my best chance to get out of the country because i don't have any of those talent-things that you seem to have a million of.
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