Thursday, March 01, 2007

"The Show"

Well, I finally had a first production meeting with Decker, Linda, and many other people involved with the new show, and it sounds really cool! There's one catch...I can't say anything about it. Really, I signed a confidentiality agreement. Suffice to say, I'm doing a whole lot more than I thought I would be, but not at all what I was originally pointed in the direction of doing, apparatus-wise. That's OK, I'm really happy with what they've given me to work on, some new stuff, and a few old favorites. I think the show will be really neat to watch, there's some big props which look like they should be really striking, and the whole thing's very tech-a-malogical-like. Unfortuntly, there's no strictly Toronto date in this upcoming run, the closest thing is Thunder Bay, but there's a chance that the Hershey Center or Living Arts center might pan out for the next run...but I don't know when that would be. So, that's basically everything I can say about the whole thing. Don't ask me any more nitty-gritty details, because I CAN'T tell you. So poo in your eye. Yay Circus!!


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