Monday, March 19, 2007

So, High Ball was this weekend, and i have to say, I think it was the best yet. The venue was so cool, big dome ceiling, circle bar, an upstairs lounge area with leather club chairs, and peacock feathers in the center pieces! Yay! The DJ was pretty good too, only getting stuck in a hip-hop rut for a few songs, and then switching it up to other styles. We left around midnight and, as customary, went to the 24hr. Tim Horton's on Bay St. A good time was had by all.
Then it was the weekend, normally a good time of the week, except that university is gearing down, which means that essay season is gearing up. I have to write aother one this week, and then I have 3 weeks to really pull together my massive 20-page-er to hand in on the 18th. Boo-urns, but I just found out that Kate's in an even worse spot than I am, so I guess I can't complain.
I'm starting to get nervous for the circus show coming up soon. Staring in April rehersals are really going to be amped up, since that's when the chinese kids get back from, umm, China. I hope everyone realizes that I have to put exams and essays first, but they've been pretty good so far about that kind of stuff. I heard that in either the Saskatoon or Regina show, there's going to be almost 2000 people in the audiance. Eeeek! Scary! I can't think about that now...I'll think about that tomorrow.

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Posted by T.W // 10:08 AM

such a snazzy pic
i posted in my blog a link to my highball album- there is yet another awesome pic of us,

for vanity's sake, check it, says i
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