Thursday, March 15, 2007

Uncomfortable topics in class, and other good things

So first, in class today (which I just barely made it to on time, thank god for the Spadina streetcar,) my Hindu ritual prof, a tiny, sari-clad lady, was lecturing on tantric practice. Now for all you people who have only encountered tantricism on Oprah, that's NOT what the practice is about but anywhoo, we spent 15 min. squirming in our chairs as the prof. described how it's considered becoming one with Shiva for a new inductee to, how did she put it, "consume the female discharge." Yeah. That's an ick. I know we're supposed to be all scholarly and all, but there are some topics which should be touched upon, and then left behind quickly, or else "The Giggles" start. 15 minutes. On the consuming of....fluid. yuck.
Oh another note, I've had a number of odd, yet good things happen recently. In class last night I was paid an unexpected compliment by another girl in my class. Now I've talked about Mike a bit in this class, so she knows I don't swing that way, and I wonder what her motives, if she had any, were; but I'll take the compliment anyway! The second good thing happened today. I was at Robarts, and about to buy my customary tall, non-fat toffee-nut creme, when I realized I had no actual money on me. I went to get cash, but the machine was only giving out 50's and being damn saucy about it, too. So I went back and sheepishly said to cancell the order. But the girl was very nice and said they'd already mde the drink, and I could have it for free. So I put what little change I had ($1.50) into the tip jar and took my free coffee. It was awesome.
One bad thing is that I don't get tomorrow off from circus, and I hve to get up early again. Oh well, once I'm there, it's fun. But getting up at 7 still sucks.

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