Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Well, things are moving along nicely on the circus front. Acts confirmed, payment mentioned, routines started, and all that jazz. My mom's b-day dinner went well on Sunday, the fod was really good, one of the few times we've gone out for dinner and actually felt we'de gotten our money's worth, except for when we go to our beloved little bistro in caledon, it's always good there! Contemplating rock climbing on Friday since there's no capoeira this friday. Maybe Kate wants to come with??... Yay for House tonight and its random guest stars. I mean, come on; Dave Matthews? He's only been in, like, one kiddy movie and now he's one one of the highest rated shows on tv. I love how the only thing you have to do to get on these shows is already be famous. Honestly, Dolly the cloned sheep could guest star on a sitcom and no one would bat an eye.
Poor Jean Baptiste. His tail is slowly being eaten by a mysterious illness. I gave him some medicine and it doesn't seem to be getting worse, so hopefully it'll grow back a bit. Serves him right for being crazy in the brain. If my fish were the physical embodiments of religions, Jean Baptiste would be fundamental Christianity, all flailing and prophesies of impending doom; Lucius would be hinduism, sometimes a little wacky-seeming, other times contemplative; and Lestat would be the Tao. Honestly, Lestat never moves any more than he has to in order to eat, and not exist in a pile of his own feces. Seems very Tao-like to me.

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