Monday, April 16, 2007

Warning: the following post contains much lamenting on the part of the blog-mistress. Read at your own discression.
So I've decided I don't like change in large doses. I can handle it in small, single doses. In fact, I even like change in small doses. I don't like it when I go home, find my parents at each other's throats for no apparent reason, find 4 e-mails from people interested in buying my horse, find 35 blueprints for a new house lying on the kitchen counter, hear that my grandma's still not up and walking at the hospital and that if she doesn't start soon she likely never will, be told to arrange for a viewing of the appartment I'll be living in next school year, AND come to terms with the fact that both Kate and Mike will be leaving next year.
As I said, too much change. Add to this that stupid essay hanging over my head, and you get a weekend that was not at all enjoyable.
And Jean Baptiste has tail rot again. Stupid fish.

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