Monday, April 23, 2007

Well, I just finished my Hinduism exam with an hour and 15 min. left in the exam...I think it went well, but I'm always nervous when that much time is left. It was in the East Hall at U.C., so i went early to find the damn place. The room was v. nice, but the only problem was that the stupid bells at hart house kept going off. Every 15 minutes. It was pretty, but annoying when you're trying to concentrate. On the way back I saw the most expensive fender-bender EVER. A Civic was pulling up to Avenue from Charles St. and tapped the car infront of it. The car in question?
A freak'n Ferrari.
The dude driving it was not happy, but there seemed to be no damage and both guys drove away. Sigh, can't watch heroes tonight as I promised to go watch Mark, Mike's brother -in-law's recital. It'll be good, though, and i'll download the episode as soon as I can. Mohinder had better not die. The pretty ones never do, though.

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