Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hi all. I am, in fact, not dead. My grandma almost was, though... Yeah, she went into the hospital last month with a back ache and almost died of heart failure three days ago. V. scary. So, I've been madly moving out of res., trucking back and forth to the hospital, trying to figure out what to do with this horse of mine, and seeing as how I have been the only one home, keeping the house in some kind of order. My parents had better both spontaneously combust at age 85, because this whole "sick person" thing blows. My Grandma's doing much better, for any of you who are curious. I tells ya, though, I don't think they could have filled her up with any more needles if they tried. I lost count of the number of tubes coming out of her at 11. My Grandma was Robocop. If imminent death hadn't been looming, it would have been awesome. Medicine is pretty impressive, I'll give it that much, but I'm glad I'm not the one in charge of it all! So back to life as normal. I hope I hear from the circus school as to whether or not I'm coaching at that damn camp next week...that would be nice to know. Going to T.O tomorrow to see Mike/ buy cosplay wigs/work out at Hart House; it'll be a fun day!

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