Thursday, May 31, 2007

In which people give food stupid names.

For those of you who haven't read my facebook thingy recently, my new current fave. food name is for a Yankee bottle of hot sauce so hot, you have to sign a legal document saying you're over 21 and not drunk just to try it. It's called "Wet Fart." Now, most of you know my hidden weakness for all things flatulence-related, so reading this caused me to laugh for, like, and hour.

Another funny story is one I heard on the ra-didlio today is about a British granny who used a fake ass to help her smuggle in a MILLION pounds (the currency, not the weight) of crack. They found it in her fake bum, her actual bum and her va-jay-jay. Don't think about it. Here's the funny part: when asked about the drugs and how they got to their "locations," she said the drugs wern't hers and that she had no idea how they got there. Huh. I think I would be skeptical if I was approached by a shifty person asking me to literally stuff myself full of drugs. I at least think I would NOTICE!!

People are nuts. Speaking of nuts, enjoy the pic fresh from Anime North!

Posted by T.W // 7:26 PM

BWAHAHAHA!!! apparently, dude, they're making a teen titans movie - LIVE ACTION!!
oh yeah, and a harry potter theme park.
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