Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In which Tiffany has an unbearable squee attack...and her sewing machine blows up.


Pant,pant, there,...I feel much better.
Oh, and the finale of Heroes wrapped things up nicely, provided next season's plot, "killed" numerous main characters, but lacked the ultra-cool Syler/Peter (Sleeter?) showdown that my inner fangirl so craved. Oh well, At least pretty, pretty Mohinder didn't die. Hey kate, how's that Syhindler coming along?


P.S., all a ya'll who I made costumes for, you people owe me a white vinal Monokuro Boo to go with Roland. I've decided that shall be my compensation for the last two weeks of every night being taken up with rediculous ammounts of sewing. Really this comment is aimed mainly at Mike, because Mer made the wings for the Clover costumes as her "payment" They'ed better be done, Missy!!
My poor machine officially went on strike this morning. And he's making a weird noise every time he turns on...It's like a "ERRRRWEEEERRR" kind of noise. I'm thinking that's generally a bad thing...

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