Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ren. Faire!!! Wooooo!! v. V. excited. My 2007 crazy-opulent outfit is, I must say, some of my finest work yet. Cutting the fabric was painful, but it turned out a'so nice! Kate, your pants from Hell are done, Mike, Your stuff is in the works. Should be done on time. Barely. I'm going to look like the biggest weirdo on the GO train with my hoop skirt. It'll be even worse coming home Sat. night, because I'll have the hoops AND the Berimbau (SP?) that Kate just picked up for me. Paulo, she named it. Apparently, it's huge. This is good and bad. Good because the bigger these things are, generally, the nicer they sound. Bad because Tiffany sucks at playing and the big ones tend to topple easily. I was saying to Kate that halfway through Sat. Mer and I should switch costumes, and I can grab it from the appartment, Kate can buy/find a tambarene and we can jam Gypsy style!
Have to go sew/eat. That seems to be my life whenever there dress-up events occur...

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