Sunday, June 10, 2007

A tribute to the bestest grandma ever

My tribute to my Grandma, who passed away in her sleep after being in the hospital for a v. long time. Always ready with a twenty that I maintain she had stashed away in hammer space; she of the quick-draw credit card that would make Clint Eastwood jealous; Always remembered special occasions and celebrated them as best she could; she of the uncanny ability to stay below-deck on my Grandpa's boat (when everyone else was made sea-sick from even steping below-deck) AND managed to make awesome sandwiches on even the stormiest of days; she who religiously attended the ballet with my mom and I for the last 10 years; and she who would sit through marathon Parasucco clothing-buying sessions and never complain about the crazy-loud dance beats they have pumping in the store at all hours. To my grandma: the bestest Grandma there ever was.
I'll miss you.

Posted by T.W // 8:08 AM

I'm so sorry. sounds like she must have been a lot of fun. you were lucky to have her as your grandma!
prayers to you and the family
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