Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well, another week, another dollar... Things have settled down since my Grandma's untimely demise. Looks like a Disney trip is planned for Aug. and good news: I can still go to CN!! Yay!
Tomorrow should be fun. I'm heading into the city, meeting Mike for a bit, training, (that is, if the school's unlocked...if it's not, so help me..grrr.)doing some bannking, then heading off to a Capoeira camp with katie at Hart House Farm. It should be lots of fun, but I have the feeling that my ass muscle is going to hurt for the next week.
Kate's gypsy costume is 97% done. Next up: Tiffany's 2007 ren. faire costume of awesomeness and doooooom!! (It'll be so awesome, it hurts!) I hope I can get it all done in a week...but it's all cut out, now the easy part: putting it together. I had a hell of a time with Kate's "pants" and I use the term loosely. They began as two large squares, and no matter what seam I made or how I put them together, I always ended up larger square. Somehow, they now look like a pair of pants, but don't ask me to do it again, because I have no idea what I did right to get them to look that way!
Ok, I'm off to bed..V tired.

Posted by T.W // 7:53 PM

thou art filled with creamy awesomeness.
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