Tuesday, July 17, 2007

In which Tiffany kills Michael in various ways, all of which are highly unpleasent

I'm going to kill Michael. Over and over again. I'm going to become proficiant at necromancy so I can kill him and bring him back again so I can kill him some more. Why you ask. because he committed a greivious offence against me.
He made me sick. In the summer.
I have a cold. A raging, drippy, ears pluged, headache-y cold. And it's all his fault, coming over on Saturday, being all nice and stuff...mumble, grumble, bumble...
So yeah, I'm sick. And alone, although I did lure Katie over last night. On a totally different note...:
Only THREE more days until the #1 best day of 2007 is here. that's right, only three more days and the "will Harry live or die" question will be put to rest. I really hope Draco's redeemable. I hope none of the Weasley's die, because that would be horrible. I hope Voldemort gets it and Harry lives, but that it's not all fluffy bunnies and daisies...there should be some angst..like Harry takes on a part of Voldemort and has to come to terms with it, or he wins the battle, but loses his powers in the process, or something. I hope Lucius Malfoy remains awesome and elegant and Ai No Kasabi-ish till the bitter end. I hope Hermionie is kept in the background of this book and says as little as humanly possible. I don't much like hermionie. Sigh. What will I do without the continuing adventures of Harry Potter? I know! I'll read more fics. There's always a little-known Cassandra Claire out there in the Fic-world somewhere, just waiting for me to find them...
Wow, this is a long post. One final thing. There seems to be a new species which decided my stacked outdoor-furniture coverings makes a good home. It looks like a Sugar glider (yes, like the ones from the Amazon) crossed with a chipmonk. needless to say, ti is the cutest thing to ever hit the planet. It's big and puffy and has giant sugar glider eyes, but the coloring of a chipmonk. It was not afraid of me at all, in fact it ran within 4 inches of my feet as I was bbq-ing. I squacked, and it looked at me as if it was asking "what?" Than it ran away. I named him Twitchy. I wish I had a camara.

Posted by T.W // 6:35 PM

*Laughs at Tiff* You all corpseified and gross?
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