Monday, July 30, 2007

OMG, who's super-crazy excited about this weekend. (Tiffany raises her hand.) I think it's going to be really fun. Everyone in costume, including Asunta, whether she wants to or not, gypsies, dour ladies, pirates, oh my! I'm bringing Paoulo, and we're totally going to have a jam session.
On another note, my Amidala dress is becoming ridiculous. I think it's gaining sentience the bigger it gets. The dress and sash front thingy are done, but the cloak is sucking up material at a furious rate. 9 meters are perpaired for the cloak so far. I'm going to need likely another 3. Sigh. The things I get myself into. I think it'll turn out well, but I'm not going to win any accuracy awards as I refuse to hand dye each and every petal. Refuse. Although if I had the time...I may consider it.
Only 17 more days before Disney!

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