Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wooo! 100 Posts! Go me!

So here is Tiffany's 100th post. Isn't it pretty?... I realized that I have yet to report on the Ren Faire...Since Kate already posted a billion pictures, I'll keep it short. The day started well with Breckfast at my beloved Mel's. nI'de forgotten just how scrumptious those hashbrowns really are! Getting ready was a bit hectic since the space was small and there were many valouminous skirts flouncing about. We got out the door around 11, Mer forgot her tail, went back for it, and proceeded to rip half her big toe off. (See Kate's blog for photographic proof). The faire was similar to the last 2 they've had there...booths in the gardens, actors dressed up as Henery VIII and Katherine's court (Anne B. was still just a lady-in-waiting. There were two fools running around who did a good job, oozing down stairs and the like...I felt bad for Mike because he arrived just as it was starting to wind down, but I think he had fun anyway. And I agree with Katie when she said that the random guy from the music booth was totally trying to get Mer's Ye Olde phone number, or at least a better look at ALL her tattoos, wink, wink! It was nice to see Laura in all her photo-taking finery...she looked nice in the dress thingy I made Kate last year.
And right now, I'm so bored. Stuck at home, not working this week, and likely next week. At least I'll be going into the city more next week, since the parentals are off to Alaska. Anywhoo, I hope you enjoyed Tiff's 100th post, and here's to 100 more!

Posted by T.W // 1:40 PM

Oy!! My bosom should not be a subject in a blog!!

And yes, you all looked fantasticly flouncy and dour. It was great!!

Oh, and go see transformers, SEE IT NOW!! For it kicks ASS!!!
you could always chill with me as i'm alone and bored in brampton. we could be bored together!
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