Monday, September 17, 2007

in which the blog dies from the abundance of attention payed to it recently.

Wow, 2 posts in three days. This will be a short one since I only want to make note of more strange occurances in te life of Me.
1) I saw a man in a full-on Santa suit, with beard and hat, running after what looked like some unsuspecting frosh at Spadina and College. In addition to the Santa costume, he was carrying a laptop bag.
2) In North Bay, randomly, while stopped at a Timmy's heading out of town, A van with a 2-car police escort pulled up, a man with white gloves on poped out, and pulled from the back of the van...the Stanley Cup. They brought it into the Timmy's and put it on a table and we all took pictures with it. I swear, this really happened. There will be photographic proof on the Cirque Sublime website soon.
So that's it. Why do all these weird things happen to me?
Oh, and an early happy Talk Like A Pirate Day to Y'all. And a happy annaversery to Mike and I. One whole year. Yaow-za!

Posted by T.W // 6:37 PM

i checked it out, and apparently the stanley cup was there because north bay won the cbc's "hockeyville" competition, and they get to have a free game between NHL teams played in their local arena, as well as having the stanley cup there. i really want to see these pictures!

(and you've gotta wonder - why didn't the driver just use the drive-thru? i suspect he just likes the attention.)

also - TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY ON WEDNESDAY!!! sad faced am i, as i have a feeling i won't be able to celebrate it with you guys... we'll see.
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