Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So I noticed over the weekend that the sky is really, really blue. Maybe it was the fall weather, or the green leaves contrasting it, but the sky on Saturday was so neon blue that it hurt to look at it. I mention it ony because I hardly ever notice these things...I wish I did more.
In other news, the ongoing, never-ending circus show prep continues...We're getting close now. Two more rehearsals and we're off! I'm excited for Thursday when we do make-up tests and for Sunday which is our first dress rehearsal. My costume is the shiznit. It's all red and black goodness. I think the show will be ready to go...hopefully...
I'm also looking forward to my B-day! Yay! I couldn't get tickets to the Chinese moon festival extravaganza, but we'll still have fun.
Mer, are you working on my potential tattoo?? You'de better be (shakes fist) nah, just kidding! See ya'll tomorrow

Posted by T.W // 5:16 PM

You? Tattoo? Pft.
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