Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well, getting geared up for the big ten-show tour out West! Yay! It should be fun, I personally am looking forward to the drive out there, as I have not seen much of Canada outside of Ontario in a very long time. I'm keeping a scrapbook of all the places we perform. Yes, I know I'm a giant nerd. The Sudbury show went well, we had a Huuuuge crowd of, like, almost 2000 people. That's a lot of people. But they were a tough bunch, the only acts they really got riled up over were the chinese poles (which they bloody well have better; that act still blows my socks off and I've seen it a million times) and they liked the final two-man hand balancing act. (Katie, stop that, I can feel your mind going bad places from here.) Feedback after the fact was good though, so I guess they liked it.
On the bus (before being dumped off at the school in downtown T.O wondering if I could find an open ATM or not) I broke out a "victory dance" in the form of a giant Pixie Stick and the whole troupe shared it. It was awesome. The chinese kids were confused, I think they wondered if I was giving them drugs or something.
So I take off to see Mike on Thursday, I don't know If I'll have a chance to actually see any of the people who generally read this thing before I leave, but I'm sure I'll talk to all a'yall soon!

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