Monday, October 08, 2007

Well, I have now stuffed myself full of turkey for the third time and I'm not looking forward to a week's worth of turkey lunches, dinners and breakfasts. So much tryptophan... I saw lots of my family and Mike and stuff, but I was sad that I didn't get to do anything with friend-type people. I really need to blow off some nerdy steam since no one I work with is a pop culture junkie like me/us. Sigh. Maybe this weekend?...In other news, I can now show you all one of the reasons I love my job in 'a da circus. I give you 'a da chinese boys.

No actually, they're quite funny. At least I think they are. They only speak Mandarin, which makes for some problems... Here we are in North Bay, in the threare that was actually a theatre as opposed to an hockey arena. It was crazy-cold in there. The shows went well (for the most part) and I shall attempt to keep this thing up to date as the tour progresses.

Posted by T.W // 7:20 PM

hmmmm, the one on the right is pretty....
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