Monday, November 19, 2007

back in the C./T. Dot.

Hi all, I'm back! The tour was super cool, only some minor drama with troupe-mates, but considering how long we were in close quarters with only eachother, that's not bad...I have lots of pics, but I have to scan in the good ones. Here's one that shows my makeup, which, as i pointed out to Katie, gradually morphed closer and closer to that of Scarab as the tour went on:

trying to remember a fun tour anecdote...hmmm, well, playing Dance Dance (yes i brought it, dance pad and all) on a moving bus with 3 chinese acrobats and one massive hand balancer was v. fun. I'll scan a pic of that for sure. I also made sure to chronicle waht I call the "Adventures of Noob" my white Monokuro Boo pig from last anime north. I have pictures of him at nearly every venue so scrapbooking his journey should be entertaining.
In other news, looking forward to Kate's / party in Dec. oh, and christmas, because who doesn't love christmas?

Posted by T.W // 8:16 PM

yay for tiff's return!
and who doesn't love kts?
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