Monday, November 05, 2007

Life on the road...thus far

Hi everybody!!! I'm reporting in from Grand Prairie, Alberta. Yeah, I have no idea where that is either, but here I am! We've done 4?..5?...shows so far, with about the same number to go. We only have one more arena to perform in, which is good because they're freeeezing cold and the dressing rooms suck. Nice cooshy theatres from here on in. The bus ride out was sort of 1 we were all like "yeah, living on a tour bus! Awesome!" Day 2 we were like " still living on a bus...yeah!" by day 3 we were all like "ok, still on this frickin' bus...let us off!" but it wasn't too bad. We had naps at 3 in the afternoon and sleptt in untill 12.
Bit of a kerfufufill right now, though...our alternate bus (we have two of them ) has been delayed due to our tractor trailor flipping over!!!! due to snowy conditions! I guess everything and one is ok, because we're still heading to the next show, but still.... People seem to be liking the show lots, although there have been some complaints about bad sightlines in the arenas. I thiknk that's being fixed, though. So that's it, I hope I'll be able to update at least one more time. See you all when I get home!

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