Friday, December 14, 2007

Ok, so I had a really self-indulgent day today, what with not going in to circus, helping friends with their trips to the LCBO, drinking waaay too much tea, and watching, like 6 episodes of Dr.Who, including the last third of "Blink" the ep. with the stone angels and their damn scary only-moving-when-you're-not-looking habits.
Also, I watched, with Katie, that horrible quality Dark Knight preview, in which guys can be heard fan-ing in the background and the camera shakes whenever the person filming it gets excited...despite all this, I think the movie will kick ass. ...Look at me, being the good little media whore I am, spreading the good word about a movie that comes out nearly half a year from now. Honestly, fans are a marketer's dream...but at least we know it!
Other stuff of note: Mike is back from frog-town, complete with hippy hair and (hopefully) my birthday/christmas present. I only have to go in to training three times a week, and I think I got all my christmas shopping done. I spent far too much, as always, though. Damn presents...oh well. I'll start handing them out next week!

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