Monday, January 28, 2008

Katie in Oz: Report

Ok, so I talked (yes, actually TALKED) to Kate in Aust. and she is, a) alive and b) v. bored. She has little access to internet, so don't expect very many blog updates or facebook messages. Apparently, it was "Australia Day" there (sort of like Canada day, but with more ferry racing) and Oz-ians are very patriotic. Also, if people mistake her for a yank, they apologize profusley when they find out she's Canadian. I hope the call didn't clean out her calling card, but I suspect it did since we were rudely cut off mid conversation...I'm going to have to forward her some money or something. Oh, and the number she gave you all in her e mail (her cell, I believe) needs a bit tweaking, the beginning bit is not 04, it's 011614, then punch in the other 8 digits from the e mail. This will transfer you directly to her cell. I think this is also the number to which you text her.
Ahh Katie.. I miss her quite a bit-single tear- esp. our cell phone conversations in the morning about either nothing or nerdy stuff, which got me strange looks on public transit. I'm hopeing to visit, but I'm making very little money right now so I don't know when that could be.
In other news, Mike, like Simon, is layed up with illness. While Simon is only a bit sore still, Mike sounds like pre-warmed death, which, apparently, is an improvement over what he sounded like on Thursday. The poor thing, it seems like every time I call, something bad has happened to him.
I will try to blog at least one more time before I leave for my U.S tour next Wednesday, but seeing as I'm awful at blogging consistantly, I can't make any gaurantees. It's too bad we wern't ready to show the new hoop act on this tour, but if the dates in March are a go, we'll be showing it there.

Posted by T.W // 4:59 PM

dude! i totally forgot to ask you!! did you end of using any of that music i gave you at the slashtravaganza for your new hoop act? please tell me you used that doctor who track "doomsday". it would make me ever so happy. i also demand you video-tape it and send it to me. demand.
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