Sunday, January 13, 2008

So, here we are again: a new year. Darn it, all this means is that I get to spend the next month correcting myself every time I have to write the date.
The year got off to a fantabulous start, In one weekend Katie left for Australia (boo-urns, much missing of her has occured) my parents informed me that the house in which I have lived for the last 14 years was being sold, Simon the horse is out of comission for a while because he's a tool and it's slippery, and Mike went a bit batshit and attempted to dump me. Sigh. That last situation was rectified quickly and everything's fine now, and the rest I've come to terms with. Hopefully, everything has happened for a good reason. Maybe Kate being in Australia is a good thing because it means I'll have a legit. reason to visit a place I've always wanted to. Maybe selling the house will be the fresh start my parents need so they can remember who the hell they were before thay had us larvae. Maybe Simon being a dunce is a good thing because now with my new-found freedom on what would have been riding days, I can see all the living I could do if he were gone. Maybe now that we've had it out over all the things that bugged us, Mike and I will be better than ever. Maybe...Hopefully.
On a lighter note, Bailey tried her darndest to kill herself this week by swallowing a 3 inch, hard section of bone which promptly got lodged in her throat and which my dad had to reach in to pry out so she could continue not dying. That dog should be dead 5 times over by now. Oh, AND she ate but didn't swallow the batteries in the tv remote. and the remote itself...and a phone...I hate that dog.
Oh, and I shall attempt to post pictures of the progress of the Clover cosplay of doooom soon. I have about a third of the skirt done.

Posted by T.W // 7:06 PM

i clearly need to call you ASAP. where will you be Monday around dinnertime, your time? (I think I'll have internet access at that point...)

Also - while the general tone of that post was not v. happy, I did greatly enjoy your stories of Bailey. And I thought that dog couldn't be any dumber...
How is that damn dog not DEAD?! Seriously, will see you tonight and give you a hug, or possibly some cheescake seeing as I hate human contact.....
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