Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy, sad, and weirded out

Hi all, reporting from Montreal. I just saw the Spiderwick Chronicles, and was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be another tedious Nickalodian movie, but it seems they really tried to stay true to the books and the resulting movie was pretty good, even for someone like me who has never read the books. On the way out of the theatre, I saw a poster for "Horton ecoupe un qui" or horton hears a who" ahh, those wacky amphibious Quebecers, it just didn't have the same ring as the english name, and I busted out laughing on the escalator, getting funny looks from the people going the other way.

In sad news that likly no one but me will care about, I found out that two of the Chinese guys that have been with the troupe for over 2 years are leaving for good. One has a bad back and I can understand his wanting to go, but the other is very good and in (ahem) great shape, and the fact he's going too really took me by surprise...I didn't even get to say goodbye, they leave on Sunday.

On a totally unrelated topic, Mike found this. It's the original video for the "numa numa" song made famous by Kate's camera-phone. Is it just me, or could these guys be the "Ambiguously Gay Trio?" My Gay-dar is going off for sure.

Posted by T.W // 9:44 PM

dude, that link for the youtube video doesn't work - can you repost it?

also - i found the french seuss title hilarious, so it's not just you. no worries there.

actually, another of my housemates moved in yesterday and she's french. i told her i was canadian and she said, "oh, are you french-canadian?" i told her no, and she says "good." then we stopped to ponder - the french don't like the french-canadians, and the canadians don't like the french-canadians. harsh.

nah, i'm joking. they're alright. they makes our country at least slightly interesting.
You were in Montreal when I was in Montreal!

Had I known that we could have tried to meet Hotel was right near McGill.
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